Programmer and Co-ordinator for Open Source ‘Konark - Vehicle Tracking System’

Feb 2009 – May 2010

‘Konark’ is a joint intiative by:
xyzLondon (London) - a project development organisation based in London,
Clean Air Island (Mumbai) – NGO based in Mumbai and
BEST - the public bus transport authority of Mumbai.
Using GPRS, µC, GSM, online Databases and various Data Dispersal Systems an implementation of a monitoring system for electric buses that provides information such as current location and estimated time of arrival of the bus to the public. For the bus operators, the additional data on battery life and other parameters helps in optimizing their operations. The integrated system sends such information using GPS, GPRS to a central server. The system is designed such that it can provide information across a wide array of platforms including Java applications on cell phones, SMS and websites.
Project is fully funded by xyzLondon.
Project website:

Automation in Lighting using PIR Sensors

Aug 2008 – Nov 2008

The manual work of switching lights is automated by sensing body heat and human movement with applications in security systems.

Wireless Robot

Aug 2007

Small vehicle adapted to function wirelessly using AVR and 8051 µCs.

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